14 Avril 2009

Cameroun: UPC Advocates Political Dialogue in Cameroon

The Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) was 61 years old on 10 April 2009.

The Secretary General of the Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC), Augustin Frédéric Kodock has called for political dialogue to enhance the development of Cameroon and the general mobilisation of all the patriots to raise the living standards of the population. Mr Kodock was speaking at the UPC national headquarters in Mimboman, Yaounde at a press conference he organised as part of the commemorative activities of the 61st anniversary of the party. UPC was founded on 10 April 1948.

The press conference was an occasion for the UPC Scribe to evaluate the progress of the party, as well as state its vision and plans for the common good. The vision of the UPC, Kodock stated, remains reinforcing the implementation of the objectives of its founding fathers that include: national unity, liberty, peace, democracy and the prosperity of all. He singled out social peace as a fundamental political option that is sustained by the exigencies of permanent political consensus, effective social dialogue and a better re-distribution of the fruits of common growth. With respect to liberty and democracy, Kodock said the UPC was preoccupied with improving the national electoral system, which is a way to guarantee the legitimacy those who govern, thereby paving the way for social peace.

Mr Kodock said the general mobilisation of patriots in Cameroon would restore hope in the people and dispel all doubts on the future. The mobilisation calls for the massive adherence to the ideals of the UPC so as to organise a common fight to raise the living standards of Cameroonians through a general consensus. The UPC Scribe, drawing from the sacrifices of the founding fathers of the party, called on Cameroonian youths who fortunately are widely travelled, educated and knowledgeable to get up and help in influencing the evolution of the country. Youths he urged, should be responsible and patriotic as they prepare to naturally take over leadership in the country. "The only way of honouring the sacrifices of the founding fathers of the UPC, is to make Cameroon a model in the Central African Sub-region", Augustin Frédéric Kodock concluded.

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