Soudan: Sudan, Qatar discuss cooperation in energy and mining

Khartoum — Qatar affirmed its keenness to develop its relations with Sudan at all levels, particularly minerals, and to activate the previous agreements within the framework of the joint high committee between the two countries, which is expected to be held in Qatar as the previous meeting in Khartoum.

This was said by the Qatari Ambassador to Khartoum Abdul-Rahman bin Ali Al-Kubaisi during his meeting with Minister of Energy and Mining Eng. Adil Ali Ibrahim at his office Tuesday. The Minister of Energy and Mining praised the Sudanese-Qatari relations at all levels, pointing to Sudan endeavor to attract giant companies operating in the field of minerals under the new era, expecting Sudan to open its doors before investors in the light of the investment acts and work to create an investment climate.

For his part, the Qatari ambassador stressed the importance of the incoming of Qatar Mining Company (QMC) to Sudan, listing the company's capabilities and the countries in which it operates, stressing that QMC has large projects in the field of energy and electricity, adding that they will work for the QMC entry to Sudan to work in the field of minerals and exchange of expertise between the two countries, especially Sudan is a multi-wealth and mineral country, expressing Qatar's hopes for Sudan to be removed from the list of the terrorism-sponsor state soon.

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