Ile Maurice: MV Wakashio - Le gouvernement fait une demande de compensation

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Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd, le propriétaire du MV Wakashio, a confirmé que le gouvernement leur a fait parvenir une demande de compensation dans un communiqué émis hier, jeudi 13 août.

«Nous confirmons que le gouvernement mauricien a formulé une demande de compensation. Nous sommes conscients des responsabilités de chaque partie concernée et nous allons répondre de bonne foi en accord avec la loi» a assuré Kiyoaki Nagashiki, Representative Director de Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd.

Par ailleurs, la compagnie a aussi fait savoir qu'à hier, 3 000 tonnes métriques d'hydrcarbure avaient été pompées et que tout sera fait pour minimiser l'impact sur l'environnement.

Ci-dessous le communiqué de Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd.

Nagashiki Shipping Co. Ltd, the owner and manager of the bulk carrier, M/V Wakashio, report the following update in relation to the grounding of the vessel off the island of Mauritius on July 25th 2020 and the resulting breach of a bunker tank on August 6th 2020.

We can confirm the Mauritius government have requested compensation from us. We are fully aware of the responsibilities of the parties concerned and will respond in good faith to any damages in accordance with applicable law. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to people in Mauritius and other parties involved. We will continue to do our utmost to minimize the impact of oil spill recovery and environmental pollution. (Representative Director: Kiyoaki Nagashiki)"

As of July 25th, when the vessel ran aground, it had approximately 3,800 MT of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and 200 MT of Diesel Oil(DO) onboard.

Approximately 3,000 MT of oil has been recovered from the vessel and transferred to small tankers.

We will continue to make efforts to collect any residual oil in the tanks and recover the remaining oil from the sea and coastal areas in order to minimize the impact to the environment. Specialists are on site and will continue to closely monitor the oil flow and tidal patterns. We understand approximately 1520 meters of oil booms have been deployed in strategic locations to contain the pollution. Additional oil booms will be deployed as needed according to expert instruction. A skilled oil spill response team has been activated, equipped with specialist spill remediation equipment, including skimmers, pumps and absorbents, to contain and clean-up the oil in compliance with regulation and in line the local authorities' guidance.

The vessel is being continuously assessed by a team of industry experts, including naval architects, reef experts and salvors who are closely monitoring and assessing the vessel. Since the Wakashio is unable to navigate, a tow connection has been established between a tug and Wakashio, so that it will not drift should the status of the ship deteriorate further.

Members from our company have arrived at the site for the purpose of local response. We will continue to consider the additional dispatch of personnel and transportation of supplies. We will fully cooperate with the authorities of Mauritius and Japan to work to resolve the situation as soon as possible and will do our best to prevent the spread of oil and protect the environment.

The cause of the incident is not known and will be fully investigated. Nagashiki Shipping will continue to work closely with the authorities to determine cause.

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