Namibia Investment Promotion & Development Board (NIPDB): The NIPDB exists to unlock opportunities that enable a better quality of life for all Namibians. We facilitate a seamless experience of doing business in Namibia, by operating a well-equipped One-Stop Centre that connects investors to all the key business agencies, while ensuring compliance to the relevant policies and other legal requirements.

Introducing Namibia: Namibia is ranked amongst the world's most politically stable countries. The Namibian Government is committed to stimulating economic growth and employment through the attraction and retention of investments.A land of contrasting beauty, Namibia is strategically located on the south- western coast of Africa and serves as a quintessential trade conduit with the rest of the world for landlocked countries including Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo through the port of Walvis Bay. Compared to other ports in the region, the congestion-free port of Walvis Bay offers shipping line time savings of up to five days to Europe and the Americas, and is a springboard into the Southern African Development Community (SADC) trade block, with a market access of 330 million people. Namibia is endowed with natural wind and sun resources, and is considered to be amongst the most competitive destinations in the world with potential to become a producer and exporter of green hydrogen, reckoned to catalyse the decarbonisation of the planet.

Namibia's primary infrastructure is well-developed and modern, with a good transport system whose road infrastructure quality is ranked the best in Africa, an efficient communication system with global cellular networks and globally competitive broadband, as well as a sophisticated financial sector. The economy is mostly export-driven, with mining, tourism, fishing and agriculture being Namibia's key sectors.

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